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Plan a trip to Belgium and visit picturesque towns with gorgeous architecture and fairytale places. There are so many sites to visit and things to do in Belgium. Wait and see, you too will fall in love with its canals, vast historical and artistic heritage, as well as the famous cuisine and beer. Look for a hotel on and get ready for a sweet vacation in the land where chocolates are supreme.

Hotels in Brussels

Today, Brussels is the center of the European Union, and to some the center of the new gastronomy scene. This capital city is a must for the history buff, the wanderer, the explorer and the foodie. And if Brussels, on this trip is your only taste of Europe, stop by the Mini Europe Theme Park to get a glimpse of Europe with over 350 mini monuments from over 80 European cities.

Hotels in Bruges

History and romanticism are perfectly entangled in this amazing Belgian city called Bruges. Beautiful medieval landmarks that will take you to a place back in time with its streets adorned with step-gabled houses, tiny cobbled alleys and secretive winding canals. You can’t help to feel you’ve landed somewhere like no other when in Bruges. Book a hotel with and get ready to be swept away by the beauty.

Hotels in Ghent

Known as the jewel of Flanders, Ghent will make you fall in love with its canals, ancient churches and medieval buildings that will take you on an authentic journey through time. After all, Victor Hugo said it was “a dazzling fantasy dreamed up by a poet.” Find the best hotels in Ghent with and start writing your own memorable story.

Hotels in Liege

Visit the fantastic city of Liége and get one of the best views by climbing one of the most extreme staircases ever, with 374 steps at an angle not for the faint of heart! It’s well worth the climb up the stairs in the Bueren Mountain with a rewarding awe-inspiring sight at the top. Shop at La Batte, one of the oldest Markets in Belgium displaying the best of Belgian products and local finds.