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In Germany you can find a variety of contrasting scenes from lush forests to big beer gardens and comfortable quaint villages to big vibrant and lively cities. Even the Landscapes vary as you travel through Germany. Do you want a holiday in a big city, in the mountains, or in the plains? The choice is yours. Just pick your place, and find a hotel with

Hotels in Berlin

Who has not dreamed of traveling to Berlin? A city with a past more interesting, thousand of museums and a Bohemian atmosphere hard to beat. Do not hesitate and get a break with SolBooking finding hotels in Berlin for your stay.

Hotels in Munich

Are you planning a trip to the capital of Bavaria? Then book your stay at any of the hotels in Munich that offers SolBooking and live a unique getaway to discover its Oktoberfest, its story palaces and many other secrets.

Hotels in Hamburg

One of the richest and most exciting cities in Germany, with the second busiest port in Europe and an exciting history. Discover the hotels in Hamburg that SolBooking offers, and do not miss browsing its famous canals!

Hotels in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most visited cities in Germany, with a wide contrast of its modern part full of skyscrapers and its historic heart. Discover this fascinating city by booking your stay at the hotels in Frankfurt offered by SolBooking.

Hotels in Cologne

Thinking about traveling to Cologne? Do not hesitate and visit this city by the Rhine. You will know its spectacular cathedral and other emblematic points as the Hohenzollern Bridge. To do this, find the hotels in Cologne that you like the most with SolBooking.

Hotels in Hannover

The capital of Lower Saxony is a mandatory stop on a route through northern Germany. You will have to visit the new Town Hall, the Opera House, the Maschsee lake, as well as the Herrenhausen gardens and the Nanas avenue. Find the best hotels in Hannover.

Hotels in Leipzig

A few days in Leipzig can go a long way. It starts at the central train station, all a cinematographic reference, and continues to the market square full of activity and typical products. Hotels in Leipzig are usually conveniently located close to the city centre.

Hotels in Freiburg

Freiburg is probably the sunniest city in Germany. Here you will find modern buildings of great architectural interest and the ecology is experienced in a very intense way. Do not miss this and much more, book hotels in Freiburg and let yourself be impressed by the green city.

Hotels in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a modern and cosmopolitan city, combining the charm of its old town, with the Medienhafen´s contemporary buildings, its financial district. Look hotels in Düsseldorf and discover this amazing city on the Rhine, its Benrath Palace and other places.

Hotels in Dresden

The city of Dresden has such outstanding tourist attractions as the Zwinger Palace and the Semperoper opera house. It also has up to 50 museums located in castles, palaces or cottages. You can get to know this city in Germany and book the best hotel in Dresden with Solbooking.

Hotels in Bremen

Bremen is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It's a city like no other, exquisitely meshing Hanseatic, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, giving it a unique atmosphere along with its maritime feel. Today this quaint little alley is now filled with a multitude of cafés, restaurants, shops and more. Find a hotel in Bremen on and get ready for a delightful time.

Hotels in Baden Baden

Travel the German Black Forest, to the whimsical town of Baden Baden! Known for its hot springs and spas, Baden Baden is one of the most tranquil places in Germany, geared towards rest and relaxation. So forget about your stresses and find a hotel in this gorgeous hillside town with and get ready for a Zen perspective.