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It is always a good time to surprise your partner and enjoy a sensational romantic getaway together. A nice hotel, a delicious dinner ... sounds good, right? If you need ideas to choose your destination, we suggest some European romantic cities such as Paris, Rome or Vienna.

Hotels in Paris

Paris is an essential destination that must travel at least once in life. So wait no more and meet with SolBooking the Paris Hotels that you like most. The city of love is waiting for you with a host of attractions.

Hotels in London

Still have not been in the capital of the United Kingdom? Or maybe you want to visit it again? London is an exciting city where the plans never end. Choose the dates for your trip and find the hotels in London offered by SolBooking.

Hotels in Florence

For art lovers, Florence is a must stop. The cradle of the Renaissance houses some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. So do not miss getting to know this exciting city, and find the best hotels in Florence with SolBooking.

Hotels in Rome

Rome is an open-air museum with hundreds of masterpieces that one never finishes seeing. If you've always fantasized about travelling to Italy's capital, make your dream come true and find with SolBooking the hotels in Rome that you like best.

Hotels in Venice

Still do not know what is for many the most beautiful city in the world? Book your stay looking with SolBooking hotels in Venice, and let yourself fall in love with its canals at sunset, the San Marcos square or its Rialto bridge.

Hotels in Barcelona

Discover with SolBooking the best hotels in Barcelona and enjoy one of the cities preferred by travellers from all over the world, Mediterranean and cosmopolitan, Bohemian and avant-garde, with a vibrant life on the streets and an unparalleled cultural heritage.

Hotels in Bruges

History and romanticism are perfectly entangled in this amazing Belgian city called Bruges. Beautiful medieval landmarks that will take you to a place back in time with its streets adorned with step-gabled houses, tiny cobbled alleys and secretive winding canals. You can’t help to feel you’ve landed somewhere like no other when in Bruges. Book a hotel with and get ready to be swept away by the beauty.

Hotels in Prague

The Czech Republic´s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its entire old town is a World Heritage Site with the world’s largest castle complex ever. This place can be enjoyed year round as its beauty stays the same. Prague is an ideal getaway. Find excellent hotels in Prague on and get ready for a relaxing holiday stroll on some of the oldest bridges in Europe.

Hotels in Santorini

Fall in love with the beautiful sunsets high above the turquoise waters. See the famous picturesque white houses and blue domes. Sit at a café or restaurant and enjoy the amazing Greek food while getting a feast for your eyes – the views are heart stopping. Find a hotel in Santorini with

Hotels in Salamanca

Declared a world heritage site since 1988, Salamanca has one ancient helmets most beautiful of Spain and a great college atmosphere. Do not waste time and find in SolBooking the best hotels in Salamanca.

Hotels in Granada

Are you planning a trip to the ancient Moorish capital? Don't miss the opportunity to and known by the hand of SolBooking the best hotels in Granada to live an incredible getaway by visiting the Alhambra, the Albaicín district, the Alcaicería and other many corners.