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Dreaming of leaving the routine for a few days? Europe is full of destinations for a weekend getaway. Imagine climbing the Eiffel Tower, tasting Irish beers or taking a picture in front of Big Ben. Paris, Dublin, London and many other places are waiting for you to live some exciting days.

Hotels in Paris

Paris is an essential destination that must travel at least once in life. So wait no more and meet with SolBooking the Paris Hotels that you like most. The city of love is waiting for you with a host of attractions.

Hotels in London

Still have not been in the capital of the United Kingdom? Or maybe you want to visit it again? London is an exciting city where the plans never end. Choose the dates for your trip and find the hotels in London offered by SolBooking.

Hotels in Lisbon

Are you looking for a different getaway? The Portuguese capital is the center of a multi-faceted region that attracts different tastes. Find the best hotels in Lisbon with SolBooking and enjoy this cozy city at any time of the year.

Hotels in Porto

The old town of Porto is declared a World Heritage Site. When you are there, do not forget to discover why the wine of this region is so famous. Book at one of the hotels in Porto that SolBooking offers.

Hotels in Barcelona

Discover with SolBooking the best hotels in Barcelona and enjoy one of the cities preferred by travellers from all over the world, Mediterranean and cosmopolitan, Bohemian and avant-garde, with a vibrant life on the streets and an unparalleled cultural heritage.

Hotels in Madrid

Theatres, musicals, art, art museums, emblematic monuments restaurants, and a nightlife beat. If you are planning a city break in the capital, check out hotels in Madrid that we offer from SolBooking.

Hotels in Dublin

Home to one of the largest urban parks in Europe and a city with over 1000 pubs, Dublin is a place to visit. Get ready to enjoy a Guinness or taste an authentic Irish stew with endless establishments to choose from. Get to know one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and discover the great literary culture Dublin has to offer. Find hotels in Dublin with and get ready for amazing things ahead, maybe even the luck of the Irish.

Hotels in Seville

If there is a place where art, history and beauty merge is certainly in Seville, a city with a strong Andalusian touch. Meets SolBooking hotels in Seville that you like most, booking and dazzled with the monuments of Seville.

Hotels in Santander

Santander is one of the most popular both in summer and winter destinations. Its Sardinero beach or the Magdalena Palace, are just some of its many attractions. Search Hotels in Santander with SolBooking and enjoy the capital of Cantabria.

Hotels in Sintra

Nestled among the pine hills of the Mountains, this gorgeous town bursting with pastel-colored villas will not disappoint. Sintra boasts some of the most beautiful and stunning secret gardens hidden at spectacular manors and gorgeous castle. Come get lost in the beauty. Once home to Portuguese royalty. Start planning your trip by looking for hotels in Sintra with

Hotels in Brussels

Today, Brussels is the center of the European Union, and to some the center of the new gastronomy scene. This capital city is a must for the history buff, the wanderer, the explorer and the foodie. And if Brussels, on this trip is your only taste of Europe, stop by the Mini Europe Theme Park to get a glimpse of Europe with over 350 mini monuments from over 80 European cities.

Hotels in Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland has a haunting historic center that will take you back to medieval times. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and its monuments by booking your stay at the hotels in Edinburgh offered by SolBooking.